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VFRC Generates High-Resolution Soil Micronutrient Maps

Based on VFRC review studies and on on-farm trials conducted by IFDC, the VFRC has prioritized R&D on micronutrients. Yet, the lack of awareness about soil fertility constraints is a major limitation to developing sound liming and fertilizer recommendations in sub-Saharan Africa, certainly so for micronutrients. VFRC has, therefore, engaged in research in collaboration with ISRIC–World Soil Information, IFDC and local organizations in Rwanda and Burundi to develop detailed soil maps produced with the most recent geo-spatial statistical methodologies. Maps of primary (P, K), secondary (Ca, Mg, S) and micronutrients (Cu, Zn, B), as well as pH, soil acidity (Al+H), effective CEC and organic matter were generated for the 0-20 cm soil layer by means of digital soil mapping using random forest models at a 250 m spatial resolution for Burundi and Rwanda. The maps form the basis to support soil fertilization strategies, i.e., where to apply which combination of nutrients.
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María Ruipérez González, Bas Kempen, Prem S. Bindraban, Sandra Wolters, Cyrille Hicintuka, Marcien Nibasumba, Zacharie Nzohabonayo, John Wendt, Oscar Nduwimana, John Veerkamp, 2015. Digital mapping of soil nutrients for the Republics of Burundi and Rwanda. Poster presented at the Wageningen Soil Conference, 23-27 August 2015, Wageningen, The Netherlands.