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Save and Grow Farming Model Launched by FAO

June 2011, ROME, Italy –  Producing enough food to feed an ever-growing population depends on a new farming model that uses environmentally friendly techniques to protect and build the natural resource base, according to Save and Grow, a new report from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Published by FAO’s Plant Production and Protection Division, Save and Grow promotes sustainable crop production intensification (SCPI).

Save and Grow presents a new paradigm: “In order to grow, agriculture must learn to save.” SCPI is partly based on conservation agriculture, which minimizes plowing and involves covering crops with plant residues. Other techniques include precision irrigation and fertilizer application, integrated pest management and integrated soil fertility management.

Dr. Amit Roy, IFDC president and CEO, is a member of the publication’s steering committee and a collaborating author for the chapter on soil health.

Read the full FAO news release or visit the publication's website.