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VFRC Releases First VFRC Report

November 6, 2013 – WASHINGTON, D.C., USA – The Virtual Fertilizer Research Center has released the first of a series of reports that explore the basis of the Center’s research agenda. The first report, written in cooperation with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), details the paths of nutrients in the leaves of plants.

Plant roots absorb nutrients from the soil and transport them to the leaf, where they are assimilated by biological-chemical processes into proteins, fats, vitamins, hormones, etc., for plant growth. Soil is an extremely complex medium, and much of the fertilizer nutrients applied for plant uptake are actually not taken up and are consequently lost to the environment.
Interestingly, leaves can absorb nutrients also. This direct path of nutrients entering the plant near the assimilation point might enhance fertilizer efficiency. However, the efficacy of foliar fertilizer application is ambiguous because little is known about the plant processes governing uptake and utilization.
The paper describes paths of foliar nutrient absorption and outlines possible biochemical pathways of phosphorus (P) and iron (Fe) penetration, absorption and their translocation into various cell organelles where they engage in biochemical processes. This will help in identifying effective fertilizer nutrient composition and in developing next-generation foliar fertilizers.
Click here to read VFRC Report 2013/1, “Biochemical Nutrient Pathways in Plants Applied as Foliar Spray: Phosphorus and Iron.”
The Virtual Fertilizer Research Center (VFRC) was created in 2010, as a semi-autonomous unit of IFDC, to fast-track the development of a new generation of rapidly deployable technologies that will enable responsible and sustainable food security, particularly in the world’s developing regions. The Center is collaborating with a global network of partners to conduct coordinated research under a unified technology agenda. Working with its partner network in a virtual setting, the science-based, global Center is creating the environment and platform that will allow rapid and affordable technology dissemination into the world market.

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