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VFRC Releases Report on Early Phosphorus Uptake

December 2, 2013 – WASHINGTON, D.C., USA – The Virtual Fertilizer Research Center has released the final paper of 2013 in its series of reports that explore the basis of the Center’s research agenda. The fourth report, written in cooperation with scientists from Plant Research International, a research institute connected with Wageningen University and Research Center, explores early uptake of the nutrient phosphorus (P).

Soils, either poor or fertile, contain much more P than is required for the yearly uptake. Yet, soil chemical processes fix most P, which leads to very low P concentrations in the soil solution. Crops can scavenge these low concentrations by exploring the soil profile with roots. The total length of the root system is then crucial as it is the constraining factor for P uptake, especially in the early crop stages.
The report explores whether the uptake of P can be enhanced during this early stage, thereby stimulating the use of soil P reserves afterward. Relevant literature is reviewed and reflected on possible measures such as seed coating, P placement, foliar P application and the role of exudates to enhance early uptake.
Click here to read VFRC Report 2013/4, “Plant Strategies and Cultural Practices to Improve the Uptake of Indigenous Soil P and the Efficiency of Fertilization.”
The Virtual Fertilizer Research Center (VFRC) was created in 2010, as a semi-autonomous unit of IFDC, to fast-track the development of a new generation of rapidly deployable technologies that will enable responsible and sustainable food security, particularly in the world’s developing regions. The Center is collaborating with a global network of partners to conduct coordinated research under a unified technology agenda. Working with its partner network in a virtual setting, the science-based, global Center is creating the environment and platform that will allow rapid and affordable technology dissemination into the world market.

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